Booking and Cancellation Policy


  • Reservations are made for specific weeks (Monday-Saturday) of the Dive Camp. It is essential to check availability before making the payment.
  • Reservations can only be formalized after payment and having provided ALL* the required documentation. If any of these conditions is breached, there will be 24 hours to correct it or, otherwise, the reserved space (and grant if applicable) will be released again.
    *Except for the medical certificate that can be submitted maximum one week before the Dive Camp starts.
  • The grants:

    • Are limited.
    • To be elegible for one of them, it is essential to be a resident of the Balearic Islands and to be able to prove it by means of the «Travel Certificate».
    • Máximum one per person, and as long as the requirements are met.
    • They will be assigned in order of request.
  • Participants must:

    • Be between 8 and 17 years old.
    • Know how to swim.
    • Be in possession of a medical certificate of less than two years old that clearly states that they are suitable for diving.
    • If they do not meet any of these requirements, they will not be accepted.
  • For those participants who are already certified divers, they must:

    • Prove it by means of a valid document. These can be, in addition to the physical or digital diving card, a photo or a photocopy of said certification or screen impressions from the official website of the organization in which you have obtained your credential. Emails, letters or documents from other diving centers or instructors will not be accepted, ensuring that you have this credential, nor are dives recorded in logbooks or computers. In the event that the participant cannot justify his diving credential, it will be treated as if he had no previous experience.
    • Be in possession of a valid diving insurance, at least for the duration of the Dive Camp, and provide the supporting document. Otherwise, it is mandatory to purchase one.
  • VELLMARI offers a weekly program for the entire duration of the Dive Camp. However, due to various reasons but, especially, to weather conditions (wind, waves, currents, etc.), this programming can be modified to adapt to circumstances, always trying to affect the final objectives as little as possible. This will not be a reason to claim a partial or total refund.
  • The week is structured so that participants can easily complete the course they are enrolled in. However, non-attendance (whatever the reason) someday means that the student gets off the pace of the rest, which generally implies that the course is not successfully completed and, therefore, if willing to complete it, it will be necessary some extra recovery sessions at additional cost (unless duly justified by a medical document, in which case it would be at Vellmari’s discretion to determine when the missed session/s can be recovered).


  • Once the activity has been paid and confirmed and, in the case of not being able to carry it out, the following money return policy will apply:

    • All the money paid for the service contracted with Vellmari will be returned in the event of cancellation of the activity by the diving center, regardless of the reason for the cancellation.
    • The entire amount paid will be refunded minus 5% for management costs (therefore, 95% of the money paid will be refunded) for the service contracted with Vellmari in the event of cancellation of the activity by the participant, when cancellation is made at least 30 days before the activity. For 20 days before, 70% will be returned, for 15 days before, 50% will be returned, for 7 days before, 20% will be returned. For cancellations with less than 7 days, the money paid will not be returned.
  • For activities that contain expenses with payments to third parties / companies (for example, the purchase of the pass to the online theory of SSI courses, rental of an extra boat, ferry tickets, etc.) the amount corresponding to the payment made to these third parties / companies will not be refunded. On the remaining amount, the aforementioned refund percentages will be applied.
  • In the case of a medical problem prior to the start of the contracted activity, 95% of the money paid by the person with said medical problem will be refunded (it cannot be extended to the reservation/s of his/her companion/s) when a medical receipt is presented establishing the temporary / or total inability to dive. In case of not presenting a medical receipt, the parameters explained above will be used.
  • In the event of a medical problem during the contracted activity, there will be no refund, but Vellmari reserves the right to study the case and offer sessions to make up for lost time if deemed appropriate.
  • Although from Vellmari we will do our best so that no student is left behind, if once the contracted activity has started it is not carried out due to dizziness, fear, compensation problems or cold, there will be no refund and, if recovery sessions are desired, they will carry an additional cost.


  • The sale of our activities is based on these Terms and Conditions that the client should read before making a reservation. Proceeding with the payment implies the acceptance of the previously established conditions.
  • All those over 18 years of age and with full legal capacity can make online reservations.
  • PRICES: all prices are in Euros (€) and are already shown with the corresponding VAT applied. The prices of the activities shown on the web may change, but the possible changes will not affect customers who have already received a confirmation. Formentera Dive Camp reserves the right to announce / withdraw offers.
  • PAYMENT METHODS: the online payment system allows payment with credit or debit cards, visa / visa electron / mastercard / maestro.
  • SECURITY: all means are used to guarantee the confidentiality and security of the payment data transmitted by the client during transactions through the web, such as the SSL secure payment system. The data of the cards used to make payments will never be stored by Formentera Dive Camp. The cards will be subject to checks and authorizations by the issuing bank. By clicking “pay now”, the customer confirms that the payment method used is his.
  • RESERVATIONS: the process begins by filling out the form that is in the “reservations” section correctly. Afterwards, availability is checked, but the reservation is not confirmed and finalized until the client does not meet all the requirements indicated in an email that he must receive from us. We reserve the right to cancel the reservation if we do not have everything requested after 48 hours, and we will immediately notify the client.