How to book

Before starting any procedure, it is important to be aware of the PRICES, the RESERVATION AND CANCELLATION POLICY, and the COVID NOTICE19. The formalization of the reservation automatically implies the knowledge and acceptance of the same.

1. Docs:

Click HERE to download and fill out all the necessary paperwork. It’s quite a lot, so it takes time and attention to do it properly.

2. Dates:

In the calendar shown below, select the desired date for the reservation (click on the Monday of the chosen week), fill in the required fields and send the request. This year, the Dive Camp will take place every week, from Monday to Saturday, from June 29th to September 6th.

3. Formalization of the reservation:

After filling the booking form below, you will receive two emails:

  • One comes through right after doing this since it is an automatic response.
  • The other one takes a little longer since we are the ones sending it after checking for availability on the chosen week. This one will include the steps to follow in order to complete the booking:
    > Reminder of all the paperwork that has to be sent to us.
    > Payment link.

* Due to the high demand, the pre-reservation has a maximum duration of 48 hours after receiving the second email, during which time you must do all of the above in order to formalize the registration and be eligible for one of the scholarships (they will be assigned in order of application) when applicable. Otherwise, the spot will be released.


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