Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answer to all your doubts.

How can I book?

Clicking HERE and following all the steps.

With what age can you participate?

The Formentera Dive Camp is aimed at young people between 8 and 17 years old.


It is only necessary to fulfill two conditions:
– Know how to swim.
– Be in possession of a medical certificate of less than two years old that clearly states that the interested party is SUITABLE FOR DIVING.

Apart from that, just have to be willing to have a good time.

I already know how to dive. Can I learn more?

Of course. At the Formentera Dive Camp we organize the participants by levels so that they can always improve their technique and continue with their training.

Who supervises the participants?

The team in charge of the development of the Dive Camp is formed by great professionals who excel in diving, underwater photography, swimming, biology and ecology, as well as being trained as children’s entertainers and free time entertainers. They are in charge of supervising the students at all times, including during meals and ferry transfers for those participants who move from / to Ibiza.


What security measures are there?

The natural and climatological conditions of our diving areas stand out for having very accessible depths, generally calm waters without currents and good visibility, all of which makes them perfect for diving activities.

All our Dive Camp team goes through demanding specialization requirements to ensure that each participant receives the best diving training with the most up-to-date techniques and complete safety. Over 25 years of experience in this sport endorse the Vellmari Diving Center.

We have a series of rules of internal regime and on board the “Princesa Del Mar” that students must strictly follow for the safety and well-being of everyone, which will be explained in detail to all participants on the first day. Therefore, good behavior will always be required, and failure to comply with any of the rules will result in punishment or even direct expulsion depending on severity.

What's included?

1. The rental of everything necessary for the proper development of the different activities that integrare the Dive Camp, both in and out of the water. That is, the snorkeling equipment, the diving equipment, the life jacket and the didactic material used in the workshops and classes during the week.

2. The processing of the digital certification (only from 10 years onwards), as long as all the requirements of the course taken have been completed.

3. The Ibiza-Formentera-Ibiza ferry with Trasmapi at the times set by Vellmari for the duration of the Dive Camp.

Is a diving insurance needed?

It is mandatory to be in possession of a diving insurance. 8 and 9 year-old participants, in addition to those who do not have any previous diving qualification, have this insurance included for the duration of the Dive Camp when registering. However, participants who already have a diving certificate must get a diving insurance that covers at least the duration of the Dive Camp.

Is lunch included?


Although there are different restaurants and supermarkets in the Port of La Savina, there is not always time to buy food there. Therefore, it is necessary that each participant brings its own lunch / snack from home. Meals are taken on board the “Princesa del Mar” or on the rooftop of the Vellmari Diving Center.

As for the drinks, both in the facilities of the Vellmari Diving Center and on board the “Princesa del Mar” we have large drinking water bottles with which they can refill their personal water bottles.

What to bring?

1. For the day-to-day:
– Comfortable sportswear, swimsuit, towel, cap and sunscreen.
– Food and drink (reusable water bottle).
– Paper and pen.
– Mobile or tablet on the indicated day/s to download the MySSI App and work on the online theory.

2. For those who come and go by ferry:
– For residents of Ibiza: ID / NIE / Passport and resident certificate.
– For non-residents: ID / NIE / Passport.

When does it take place?

You can check the calendar and timetable here.

Where and when are the meeting / picking-up points?

> For the students who are in Ibiza:

  • Meeting at 08:30 at the Ibiza Ferry Station from Monday to Saturday.
  • Picking up at 19:00 at the Ibiza Ferry Station from Monday to Friday.
  • Picking up at 14:00 at the Ibiza Ferry Station on Saturday.

* A staff member will always accompany the participants on ferry crossings. Punctuality is requested.

> For the students who are in Formentera:

  • Meeting at 09:45 at the Vellmari Diving Center from Monday to Saturday.
  • Picking up at 18:15 at the Vellmari Diving Center from Monday to Friday.
  • Picking up at 13:15 at the Vellmari Diving Center on Saturday.
What if there is any lack of attendance during the week?

The week is structured so that participants can easily complete the course they are enrolled in. However, the non-attendance someday means that the student gets off the pace of the rest, which generally implies that the course is not successfully completed and, therefore, if wanted to complete it, would need extra recovery sessions at additional cost.

Is there any discount?

Yes; there’s different discounts and even grants.